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Ramón Oviedo’s Group and its Repatriations and Transportation division is settled in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia city, and it is nationally, regionally and internationally a cutting edge company.

This division has wide expertise in coordination, management of transportation, national, regional and international repatriations:

  • Starting Logistic
  • National documentation obtaining. 
  • Different errands before organizations and embassies for the signing of consular visas. 
  • Coordination of terrestrial and aerial media for the transportation. 
  • Coordination of the reception at the determined destination. 

We have experience in remains repatriations from/to: Germany, Australia, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Korea, Denmark, Equator, United States of America, Spain, France, Netherlands, Israel, Japan, Namibia, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and Uruguay among the other countries.


Fédération Internationale des Associations de Thanatologues (FIAT)

International Federation of Thanatologists Associations (IFTA)

As an international partner, it is unique among burial services providers due to its condition within the NGO – Roster with UN-ECOSOC of the United Nations. 

This allows the company to be present in 87 countries with a full continental coverage: 12 countries in Africa; 16 countries in Asia; 35 countries in Europe; 20 countries in Latin America; 2 countries in North America; 2 countries in Australia. 

In case of necessity, coverage in other countries may be implemented having a neighboring country as an office. 

Cmte. Luis Piedrabuena 383
Tierra del Fuego
Rep. Argentina
Tel.: (54 -2901) 421-776
Urgencias: (54 9 2901) 510 993
Urgencias: (54 9 2901) 410 992

Kayen 131
Tierra del Fuego
Rep. Argentina
Tel.: (54 -2901) 421-776
Urgencias: (54 9 2901) 510 993
Urgencias: (54 9 2901) 410 992


  • Alicia Moreau de Justo 1150
  • Piso 3 - Oficina 306 "A" - 305 “C” 
  • Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
  • Rep. Argentina
  • Tel.: (54-11) 5273.8986
  • Urgencias: 0800-666-2054